Marcel Speet

Marcel Speet (the Netherlands, 1951) Dutch multidisciplinary visual artist makes abstract art, rearrangements and installations, staged photography and assemblages.

Son of a furnituremaker acquainted with woods, textiles and wallpaper. While studying at the seminary to be a catholic missionary he was stuck in the library with philosophy, art history and experimenting with painting in a low cellar under the school Théâtre floor instead of chemic Algebra and Greek. So after a few years he applied  to study at the Amsterdam Rietveld art Academy free unbound graphics and painting. While the 68 revolution also reached Amsterdam and fellow students did the protests and sit-ins, he continued to make and develop art at home. Since then making art has always been one of the headlines.

The works are influenced by a variety of sources, image and material experiences, developments in art history, nature, architecture, fashion, and own history.

He’s always in landscapes or shops hunting for new materials and experiences to discover possibilities to make new art. Also contacts with people and stories combined with own life events can inspire to new works. Though his idea that world, universe, humanity and nature it’s all chaos without any direction or purpose, its diversity is still worth to discover, taste, enjoy process and enrich. Goal is to be confronted to use the senses to pick up life consciously.

Research centers around giving form to processes of conscious sense of self and identity. The layers are meant to leave room for the viewer not knowing anymore where to look at in the work and let it go, while being present and active.
When chaos and disruption in the work are present, new possibilities are near. Independent personal freedom as an artist is one of the main goods in his life and work. It is his challenge to deal with confusion using material, texture and color, questioning dimensions by disrupting, playing and disordering to get new solutions.

The artworks of the HZxt Huayï and MSlf series are assemblages of different materials in new combinations. Woods, textiles, ribbons, acryl, crayon, paper, sometimes photography form new syntheses. Leading concept is chaos as source of new possibilities. It is a dimension to discover with senses new information and making possible new creations and compositions.

The MSlf assemblage series have multi perspective landscape structures as dimensions to move into space.

The HZxt Huayï series are made with classic decoration and color motives. They were made after meeting with Huayï Zhu and inspired with energy, concentration and focus on production of beauty.

Past online publications China mainland:
Huran, Beijing Huran-Eryi Cultural Communications Co., Ltd. fashion and art platform 2014
FRONT FRONT前研 Sans Frontière sélection Avril 2019

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